Transition and Change

©Basically Happy™

©Basically Happy™

For whatever reason today I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the major changes I have experienced over the last year and a half. I have been through a lot of pretty major transitions, and perhaps have not taken much time to reflect on just how big this has all been for me. Most if not all of these changes have been positive, but they have also been challenging and draining and I've been forced to really examine myself and my life and make some really tough decisions. This has been a period of so much growth for me as a person! As I turned 30, things really started to shift for me - it was like a light bulb switched on and I just decided from then on that I was going to love myself and live life on my terms. I would say this was a monumental mindset shift for a "people pleaser" like me, and something that kicked off a pretty transformational journey of deepening my level of self-awareness and learning how to be my own best friend instead of my own enemy. No longer would I hold myself back because of fears related to the opinions of others, or because of what I thought others/society expected me to do, or even about feeling I needed to fit into a certain box. Over the last year and a half I have certainly hit some bumps in the road and have had to check myself on this, but with daily effort and positive self-talk, I am seeing these realizations and shifts become more and more integrated into my thoughts and the way I live my life. 

So turning 30 seems to be the big event that initiated my most recent period of transition, change, and growth. This mindset shift allowed me to really start making decisions for me. And as I mentioned, over the last year I have been through many very major changes, all necessary, including but not limited to: ending a long-term relationship, moving halfway across the country (back to my home state after 7 years of being away), changing jobs, saying goodbyes, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, starting a new relationship, and getting rid of many of my possessions (including a junk furniture collection I fully intended to refurbish someday, right) so that I could fit into a 450 square-foot studio apartment. Through these changes I have reconnected with my roots, recharged and rebooted, and realized so many things about myself in the process. And now I am about to go through a multitude of additional major changes, including moving halfway across the country (again), starting a new job (again), and more goodbyes and reconnecting and new faces. 

Now, many people might look at my situation and choices over the last year and think, "wow, she changes her mind a lot!" or, "what in the world is she thinking, making all those major changes in such a short period of time?" - but really, the way I see it, the changes and transitions were simply a part of my story, and not only this, they were a necessary part of my personal growth journey.

It is during times of transition, change, and difficulty that we learn the most about ourselves - and isn't this what allows us to grow? If you're going through a transition or difficult time yourself, remember: there is always something to be learned, some way you'll grow and improve, and you'll always come out on the other side wiser and more self-aware than you've ever been. So with all of this reflection on my own experiences with transition and change, my advice to you is this: take a deep breath, and open your heart and mind to all that God/the Universe/whatever you believe is trying to show you. And don't forget to take good care of yourself and show yourself some love. Know that this is temporary but also necessary, and you will become better with each challenge you overcome.

Be Well!

xoxo Allison