Open Yourself Up to the Universe

Hey Everyone, it's Samantha! I wanted to share some thoughts I had about openness while on my most recent adventure (more to come on this later)...

Three years ago, I sat on a rock on the island of Ios, Greece with my travel companions, having a deep conversation about what it means to be “open” to new experiences. My friends insisted I was closed off to relationships and was unable to just “let things happen”. I listened and  gave it some thought, and I immediately put this “openness” they speak of into action. I’d been eyeing this beautiful Australian man and said, “Hey, I think we matched on Tinder!” We hadn’t, of course, but he didn’t need to know that. He looked at me with the most piercing light blue eyes I’d ever seen and told me that he’d find me when his shift ended.. Of course  my friends and I gallivanted throughout the evening waiting for this man to come find me, all while closed off to all other possibilities as I was waiting around for this thing that I built up in my head to happen.

This was the complete opposite of true openness  to all possibilities. Why wait around for someone to notice you, come find you, or notice you. They’ll either show up or someone else will, right? Building something up in your head and “putting all your eggs in one basket” might end up closing you off to other people, possibilities, opportunities and experiences.

Flash forward 3 years and I’m in another magical country, still learning what  it means to be open. My idea of openness has evolved, been tested, and caused me some pain, but the journey has introduced some exceptional people into my life with memories that will last a lifetime. While reading the book “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, it dawned on me that openness doesn’t have to do with being open to whatever may happen with that person you’re eyeing from across the room. It has to do with openness to the universe and experiences in general. It is the ability to let things happen, while enjoying the ride! Take a moment to let go of  your plans that keep you from taking a chance with a new relationship, a new experience, a new job, or a new direction for your life. It’s amazing what experiences  and opportunities come along when you truly LET GO and open yourself to all that life has to offer! I empower you today to let go of the excuses of why something won’t work, open your mind, and take a leap of faith. You’ll either win or break even. Why not go for the win?

xoxo Samantha