Inner Peace

This week is all about inner peace. Spring can be a very exciting time of year. It is all about rebirth and rejuvenation. We wake from our winter hibernations and start to feel our energy levels rising, we get outside more and breathe in the fresh air full of possibility, we clean out the physical and metaphorical clutter from our lives, and we start planning for all of the fun we’ll have in the warmer months. These changes, although exciting, can also bring about feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Transitions will naturally cause our internal worlds to stir, which can feel very unsettling. Our physical bodies also perceive these shifts, causing us to feel dysregulated at times. And along with these inevitable challenges, our mental and emotional selves will also respond with some level of apprehension or doubt, maybe even fear about all of the changes that are occurring.

What is crucial to remember during times of transition like these, is that your body and mind are responding exactly the way they are supposed to. We are designed to recognize when things in the world and in our lives are shifting, so that we can respond accordingly. As long as we really listen to our bodies and are honest with ourselves about what we need, we will ultimately choose to adapt and cope in healthy and productive ways. 

Despite the inner turmoil that may likely occur this time of year, remember that simultaneously you can also experience a sense of inner peace and calm. It is up to you to find it within yourself, and there are also ways you can create it. Check in with yourself frequently this week. Find ways to reconnect and listen to what you need in order to feel this inner peace regardless of what is going on around you. Maybe you are needing a little extra sleep, alone time or downtime. Or maybe you're needing more social interaction with those you love and trust. Perhaps your body is needing movement in the form of exercise, yoga, or just walks outside. Whatever you need, don't forget to feed your mind with positive and comforting thoughts. Know that everything will be okay, and don’t forget to breath.

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Allison and Sam