Happiness is Learning to Let Go

Happiness is learning to let go...

Of the trivial things that do not matter.
Of the things you can't control.
Of the past.
Of the difficult experiences you've already lived through (no need to keep re-living them).
Of the things in your life that bring negativity.
Of the people who aren't good for you.
Of a false sense of control. You'll be a lot more in control if you let go of anxiety and the need to have control over every little thing. With flexibility comes freedom!
Of resentment.
Of grudges.
Of caring what others think of you and your life.
Of the need to be liked by everyone.
Of the need to please everyone.
Of perfectionism.
Of ridiculously high expectations.
Of those childhood ideas of what you thought your life would be like.
Of your annoyance at the jerk that rode your ass all the way to work this morning.
Of guilt.
Of shame.
Of the negative committee that meets inside your head. Tell them to shut up and go away.

It's not a crime to experience these things, but why hold onto things that get in the way of your happiness?

I will never understand why we as humans have a tendency to hold onto things that do not serve us - even things that hold us back in life and harm us - things that keep us stuck in feelings of anger, frustration, pain, loneliness, sadness, and so on.

Are we looking for a crutch or an excuse in case we fail or something goes wrong? This could be seen as a protective mechanism, but how is this serving us? Doesn't hanging onto these things cause us to repeat unhealthy behavioral and emotional patterns, keeping us unhappy? Or maybe we hang onto things because it somehow feels safe and gives us a false sense of security, because these things are familiar?

There are probably many explanations, again, which I will never understand. I too have a tendency to hang onto things - there are things I have a tremendous amount of difficulty
letting go of. Being able to let go of things, I am learning, takes a lot of practice. This is certainly true for me. I saw a quote recently that I'd like to leave you with today. I'm not sure
where it came from but it seems very fitting and I think just reading this quote is cathartic: “sometimes you must let go of something, for the simple reason that it is heavy.”

What can you let go of today?

Be Well,

xoxo Allison