I've joked around for years about my “commitment issues” and it is something that I need to face head on. Whether it's a new car, a new relationship, a 12 or 18 month lease, commitment in general has scared the shit out me. I'd talk myself out of a relationship because I had a flight booked to visit a new city with an old friend. I'd think, what would happen to that trip if I committed to what was right in front of me? My mind is always looking toward what's next and how will my choices in the present affect it. Well, let me tell you from firsthand experience, this way of thinking is not conducive to getting what you want right now. It's likely that you feel similarly about something in your life. Are you wanting to commit to a month without drinking to reset your system, but have 4 birthdays in April and May to celebrate? Do you want to train for a half marathon, but don't have the money for a new pair of running shoes? There is always an excuse available when we're focused on committing to something or someone. How do we get past this you ask? We just do it. We dive in and embrace the now by taking action right now that will guide us down the right path and propel us forward. And guess what, if it doesn't work out, you learned something! Commit to the new relationship, to the half marathon, the sober month, or whatever it is that will add to your foundation of basic happiness, and do it today!