Don't Believe Everything You Hear. Write Your Own Story.


Don’t believe everything you hear, even from your inner voice.

The truth is that everyone holds their own truth and reality. Everyone sees the world in unique ways, and everyone has a unique set of thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and so on. Everything we read is based on someone else’s truth, and we must question things and consider how they apply or do not apply to our own truth. Question and examine everything to some degree. I’m not saying you won’t believe anything you hear (even from yourself), but I am saying it is important to be thoughtful, curious, critical, and analytical.

At times, something will speak to us in a profound way and will be what we need to hear and know at that moment because it is congruent with who we are and the path we are on. Other times, we will be presented with information that at first may seem relevant and true for us, when really it is not (though it may be true for someone else).

And regarding listening to your inner voice: sometimes our ego is our voice, acting as an all-knowing ass hole, trying to make us feel and act from a place of insecurity. Pay attention to what your true inner voice is telling you, but remain open and critical. We all tell ourselves stories about who we are, what we feel, how we relate to others, what we are good at and what we struggle with…

You have the choice to do what you wish with the things you hear, from within or without, through your thoughts. You have the power to write your own story, day after day, through self-awareness and a willingness to be curious and critical when you need to be. When you seek answers, be open to the messages around you but also look within. Only you create your truth and reality.

xoxo Allison