Simple Steps to Live Your Best Life Every Single Day



Spoiler alert: Sometimes, you are going to have a crummy day, and this is expected. Just accept this fact now, and move on. But keep reading—here are some fundamental steps to creating the best day possible. Yes, ‘creating’ the best day possible, not ‘having’ - because the reality is that we can’t just expect good things to happen to us. It’s great when good things just happen, but if we really want to have the best day possible, we can’t wait for good things to happen. We must go after those feelings of joy and contentment and MAKE it happen! Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you can still choose to make it a great day. And even when you have a bad day, it’s just one bad day, not a bad life. So here are some simple steps to living your best life every single day…

1. Have a morning routine

It is so important that you are able to start your day off the way you need and want to. This is different for everyone, but figure out what you need, write it down, and stick to it as much as possible. Having a routine in the morning will allow you to start the day in a positive headspace, feeling recharged and ready to tackle any challenges that might come your way.

2. Set an intention for the day. Use mantras or affirmations. 

Whether you journal or meditate or just use positive self talk, setting an intention for the day can set you up for success in a lot of ways. Our thoughts are very powerful and impactful in our lives. Really, this only takes a minute or two. Think about how you want to feel for the day, or what you want to focus on. How do you want your day to go, and what are you needing? Sometimes there are many specific things I write down or say to myself, and other times all I need is one thought or phrase. For example, when I am feeling down for whatever reason, I might just give myself some extra love and say: “I fully love and accept myself.” What are you needing to hear? What do you want to create? Write it down and/or say it aloud to yourself in the mirror when you’re getting ready.

3. Practice gratitude. 

Appreciate every moment, every experience positive or negative. Find meaning where you can. Find pleasure and joy in the simple things. Many studies have shown that people who regularly identify and express gratitude report being happier overall. 

4. Reserve some time for YOU to recharge your batteries. 

There's no rule about how this should or should not look. Figure out what helps you recharge and just do it. Click here for more harping on this topic.

5. Take care of yourself. 

Take a shower if that makes you feel good. Hydrate. Eat foods that your body actually needs and loves. Move your body. Get some fresh air (I don't care what the weather is like--get out there for at least 30 min/day, or maybe 10 min if it's below 0 degrees Fahrenheit). I grew up in Minnesota, so I know what bitter cold feels like. And put on clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. How you feel about yourself on the outside impacts how you feel about yourself on the inside, and how you feel on the inside naturally impacts how you feel about yourself on the outside. Always remember this connection. More on self care basics here.


That's it. Just laugh. I'm not a medical doctor, but I do know that laughing is good for your health. And when you feel good, it's usually a good day. Not to mention, laughing is the ultimate expression of joy.


When you notice your body feeling tense, or your thoughts becoming negative and spinning out of control… just pause, take a breath, and remind yourself of your intention for the day. Allow yourself to be human, and do what humans need to do to live: breathe.


xoxo Allison