Squeeze in some YOU time!



I am ALL ABOUT self-care. One of the most practical and important things you can do to take care of yourself is to carve out some time for YOU. That’s right, time that is JUST for YOU. Maybe it’s only 10 minutes a day, but that’s still SOMETHING. 

We all get so caught up in our day to day routines and habits and most of us are living lives based on doing things for other people. Whether we are a friend, partner, parent, sibling, colleague, or whatever other roles we play, we are constantly dictated by the needs of others. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, but how are we supposed to maintain quality connections with others if we don’t even take the time to connect with ourselves? What happens if we don’t take a break, re-charge, and do the little things that make us feel happy? Well, you KNOW what happens. We become grumpy, irritable, resentful, overwhelmed, tired, and begin questioning WHAT THE HELL is my life about?!

Connecting with yourself and squeezing in some YOU time can look different for everyone. Maybe for you it’s just taking extra time in the shower to be with your own thoughts. Maybe you take the time to read a book for enjoyment, or take a walk, or even exercise or practice meditation or prayer. Maybe it’s even listening to your favorite music or an audiobook or sitting in silence as you drive home in traffic. Perhaps you sit in your favorite spot in your home and browse Pinterest, or cook, or play music, or sing, or dance around your home buck naked. 

WHATEVER you do, make it a top priority, and do it for you. You’re WORTH it. I challenge you to do this every single day, and see how you feel, about yourself and about your life. Enjoy your YOU time! 

xoxo Allison