Hey! I'm Allison. I'm a Self-Help Junkie.


What does this mean?

I'm obsessed with personal growth and evolving as a human being. I'm also completely fascinated with psychology, lifespan development, and the human mind. I was put on this earth to be the best human I can be, and to help others do the same. My mission in life is to change the culture of mental health by inspiring others to make emotional health and wellness a priority. The Basically Happy Tribe is simply a way of describing individuals who are passionate about mental health and emotional wellness, and who value self-awareness and personal growth. To read more about what mental health is, click here

So what is it that I do? Well, I happen to be a mental health professional which includes roles of therapist, coach, and consultant. But that doesn't truly explain what I do, so here it is:

I help individuals of all ages connect with themselves.

That's it, in a nutshell. So what's the point of 'connecting' with oneself? I believe self-awareness is the first key to happiness and success in life. Using this self-awareness and ability to connect with oneself, I assist individuals in developing a foundational level of emotional wellness ("Basically Happy"). From this foundation, individuals experience improvement and increased satisfaction in all areas of life including but not limited to: relationships, career, health and wellness, leisure, spirituality and purpose, and overall happiness and contentment in life.

Some people benefit from individual support, and others from support in a group environment. Some prefer to explore and read on their own. Whatever you're seeking, there's something for everyone here. If you're looking for individual support and would like to chat with me, send me a message here! If you're looking for support in a group setting, be sure to check back often on the events tab, and join The Basically Happy Tribe on Facebook here. If you're like me and love to soak up as much self-help material as possible, you have many options: regular blog posts, daily inspiration and support on Instagram, The Happy Flower Podcast (here), books (stay tuned for updates), and self-guided online programs (stay tuned for updates on this as well).

If you're ready to connect with yourself and change your life, start here:

Want to explore on your own? Here's what we're about...


The right service to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking psychotherapy or coaching, we will help you build a foundation of emotional wellness, from the basics and beyond.


Empowering and connecting individuals with programs, information, resources, tools, classes, and events within the worlds of health and wellness, self-help and psychology.


Motivating, encouraging and empowering through inspirational content, including individual stories of personal growth, success, healing and transformation.

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